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New cul­tur­al stud­ies and teach­er train­ing courses at Pader­born Uni­ver­sity

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Applications now open

Paderborn University is expanding its range of master’s offerings for the coming 2023/24 winter semester. In the future, teacher training students will be able to choose from the subject areas of Social Education, Business (as an additional subject) and Islamic Religious Studies and the support focus area of Language. Students with international interests can choose from the new, globally unique course ‘Benelux Studies’ or the subject of European Studies under the master’s degree in 'Culture and Society’. Applications are now open, with a deadline of 21 September. All new courses of study have unrestricted admission. Information about admission requirements and application options is available at:

Growing range of subjects for budding teachers

Teacher training has traditionally been a high priority at Paderborn University. From the 2023/24 winter semester onwards, master’s students will have even more subject options to choose from. In the future, budding teachers for all school types (with the exception of special needs education) will be able to study Islamic Religious Studies in Paderborn. One focal area of the course is cooperation with Christian and Jewish theology, as well as with cultural studies. Teacher training students at secondary schools will also be able to select Business as an additional subject. As part of this, they will learn about how to prepare business topics – such as complex business processes – for teaching. Teacher training for vocational colleges will gain the professional subject area of Social Education, which will prepare students for future professions in social education employment fields. The new support focus area of Language can also be selected under the teacher training master’s course for special needs education.

Become an expert in Benelux and Europe

The Benelux region is an innovative political, economic and cultural coalition at the heart of Europe. With its new ‘Benelux Studies’ master’s course, Paderborn University is offering an opportunity to explore the region and its countries in a practical, research-oriented way. The course also focuses on expertise, digital technologies and improved language skills in the three main Benelux languages, and includes a mandatory traineeship abroad with exclusive partner institutions. Paderborn’s Belgium Centre (BELZ) is providing contact with numerous key institutions in Benelux countries. Further information is available at:

Students can take a look at the whole of Europe on the new ‘European Studies’ course, studied in combination with another subject area as part of the dual-subject ‘Culture and Society’ master’s programme. The ‘European Studies’ course is multilingual. It enables students to tackle the European phenomenon from an interdisciplinary perspective, as well as improve their skills in various European languages. A mandatory semester and traineeship abroad provide intercultural understanding.

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