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Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften - O-Phase

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Fakultät für Kulturwissenschaften - O-Phase

Orientation for International Students at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities


Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities!

During the first week of the summer semester 2023, there are a few orientation events to provide you with information and with the opportunity to get to know other international and German students. International orientation takes place on Monday, 03.04. and Tuesday, 04.04.2023. See the schdeule below.

The official welcome and study introduction and the campus tour on 04.04.2023 are exclusive to international students, while the welcome party on 03.04.2023 is open to both German first-semester students and international students.



03.04.2023, 5 - 11pm - Welcome Party at the AStA Stadtcampus (optional)

At the welcome party, you have the opportunity to meet and connect with other German and international students who are new to Paderborn University. There will be music, games, and drinks. The party takes place at the AStA Stadtcampus, which is located in the Paderborn city center. You can find the directions to the AStA Stadtcamous here or you can meet one of the orientation leaders at the meeting point beforehand and walk with the group. 

Note: In order to attend the welcome party, you need a wristband. You can pick up your wristband on campus at Anke Riebau's office in C5.319 (C-building, fifth floor, room 319).

Meeting point: TK Maxx (in the city center) at 5:10 p.m.


04.04.2023, 12.30 - 2.30pm - Official Welcome, Study Introduction, How-to: build your study plan and course selection (mandatory)

The study introduction will provide you with information on course registration, building your own study plan, and exams. It will familiarize you with the campus management system and connect you to relevant contact persons at Paderborn University. If possible, please bring a laptop, so you can register for courses during the introduction. 

Location: Q2.122 (Q-building, second floor, room 122)


04.04.2023, 3 - 4pm - Campus Tour (mandatory)

During the campus tour, you will get to know the layout of the Paderborn University campus and locate important locations such as the dining hall, library, and the International Office. This will help you find your way around campus when classes start. 

Meeting point: Audi Max (AM-building) on campus


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